1979 MG Midget Restoration

Feb 9

Getting There

Removed the headlights, side lamps, and directionals.  Had to drill out the screws holding the wire clamps on the fenders as they were seized with rust.  After that removed the Front Bumper.  Decided the bumper will go on and the car will stay with its Midget 1500 stock look.  Not to fond of the bumperless.  It looks like something is missing.

Feb 6

Door Panels

Monday I finished Removing the doors and removed all the innards(regulator, guides, seals) and outside of the doors removed the handles and door locks.

Feb 1

Interior Removed

This week I focused on the interior.  Everything was removed:  Carpet, Seat, Panels.

Now need to remove the door panels and doors.

GearBox Packed

Bought a FEDEX Golf Box to ship the Gearbox in.  I made a quick wooden frame that fit in the shipping box.  I then cut the box from 48 inch to 32 inch to save money on shipping.

Tomorrow it goes out to the depot for Ground shipping.

Rear End of Car Stripped

Today I finished stripping the whole rear of the car.  

The following Items were completely removed, cleaned, polished and stored:

  • Remove Tail Lights
  • Remove Side Rear Lights
  • Remove Wiring Loom
  • Remove Gas Tank Collector and pipes
  • Remove Rear Wiring Loom
  • Remove License Plate Holder
  • Remove Trunk Lock and Handle
  • Remove Trunk Light and Switch
  • Remove Rear Bumper

Next we move on to the interior.

    Disassemble Begins

    This week I started disassembling the rear of the car.

    I am starting from the back and working toward the front.  As I take the parts off, I’m cleaning and reconditioning them  to bring them to new condition.

    Rear rack is removed and will be sent to be fully polished and reconditioned.  The lights chrome was all polished to new condition.  Two parts were cracked, the right rear side light and right rear lamp housing had cracks in them.  I will replace these with the same parts from my parts car.

    My goal by mid February will be to have the whole car completely stripped except for the dash and steering wheel.

    It Begins

    10 years ago I started to restore another Mg Midget, had the engine all done, transmission rebuilt, but I stalled after I moved. 

    Last week I pulled the engine out of the parts car to send to the machine shop to get looked at. Going to have the head resurfaced as it looks like for some reason I did not do that the last time for some strange reason, the cylinder head was all redone, as was the crank, cylinders, etc. 

    After fully disassembling the engine it looked as though it had just come out of the machine shop.  So that was a good sign, the assembly lube protected everything.

    As the engine is in the shop, I will clean and paint the rebuilt transmission, all the bolts and parts that came off the engine, and plan to have the rust on the car fixed, welded as needed, treated, and repainted.

    Engine removal from parts car